Author - Mark


Housed inside this old dilapidated shack & door lies this "Deadbolt." Its texture of dead wood, angles, shadows, and shapes make for an interesting composition in rural North Dakota. Sprinkled in desolate locations sometimes rather far off the beaten path, these signs of life long past still remain. Order Print

The Old Dock

This conflicted scene of serenity & chaos was captured near the Brussels Ferry, Brussels, Illinois found just north of Grafton. The now peaceful waters & the massive collection of debris depict the opposing characteristics the mighty Mississippi River can dish out. "The Old Dock" still manages to hold its [...]

The Escape

This image of light and shadow was captured in the warehouse district of St.Louis, Missouri, just south of the Arch. Crossed with a nearby railroad bridge, this towering view of a "The Escape" constructs a collection of industrialized shadows leading the viewer to the top along its jagged path. Order [...]

Stone Mirror Manor

After hearing of this abandoned stone house from an old man as "being across the lake from his favorite out-of-the-way fishing hole," I found this house literally where the 'roads have no names.' This house stands in south central North Dakota which I reached by highway for most it. [...]

Dark Alley

This ominous and almost claustrophobic photograph of an alley in Midtown St.Louis made for a very distinctive image. Its hard vertical lines and brick texture I believe captivate the emotional weight of being cornered down a "Dark Alley." The gradual changing shadows in the old frosted glass windows subtly [...]

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