"Overgrown" was photographed during my 6 year period exploring abandoned locations on the back roads of North Dakota. This particular photo was taken at one of the largest abandoned farms I found near my parents town of Lisbon, ND. The old cars were collected in a swamp some distance [...]


Housed inside this old dilapidated shack & door lies this "Deadbolt." Its texture of dead wood, angles, shadows, and shapes make for an interesting composition in rural North Dakota. Sprinkled in desolate locations sometimes rather far off the beaten path, these signs of life long past still remain. Order Print

All Tied In

Just outside the little village of Fort Ransom tucked away in a small valley in southeastern North Dakota lies this barn. This one, like others I have found, lies abandoned with its only companions being time and the elements. This collection of twain "All Tied In", probably left over [...]

Garrison Hill Cemetery

I went on the hunt to find Garrison Hill Cemetery near Kaskaskia, IL., after finding on the internet a photo of this haunting and historic cemetery. The following words from the sign on site tell the story: "The bodies of early Illinois settlers are buried in this cemetery. They were [...]

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