City Stream

After meeting with my artist friend, Aunia Kahn, at her new art gallery on Washington Ave. in St.Louis called Alexi Era Gallery, I took this photograph on the evening of Black Friday 2013. I almost didn’t take it and just headed straight home, but between the parking attendant with his lit baton, the usual lights of Washington Ave., and the US Bank building’s lights on top, I could not resist.

I shared the photo with the publisher of Straight Up Magazine, Paul Seibert, and he instantly wanted it for the cover for their December issue. I have never had one of my photos used for a cover before, so I was clearly honored by the privilege. Below is a copy of the cover from Straight Up Magazine’s December issue.

Straight Up Magazine December issue

St.Louis 250th Anniversary“City Stream” was also selected by the Sheldon Art Galleries in St.Louis to appear in their St.Louis @ 250 art show. This photo was selected for its TOP 250 which appeared in a slideshow at the galleries, including other local photographers capturing St.Louis. It was also joined in the art show with my other submission, “Moon Over St.Louis,” chosen for the St.Louis @ 250’s TOP 100 collection. This was indeed a greatly appreciated honor.

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