Moon Over St.Louis

Being a big fan of St.Louis’ lighted architecture, on Dec. 16th, 2013 I captured a 6-image panoramic photograph of downtown St.Louis during rush hour, under the light of a full moon. Portions of this photograph have been on my Facebook page, but this is the full, complete photograph. Versions of this photograph are also available for purchase in my Shop.

St.Louis 250th AnniversaryOn April 2nd I received an email from the Director of the Sheldon Art Galleries in St.Louis, MO.:

“It is with great pleasure that I inform you that your entry, “Moon Over St.Louis,” is one of the 100 images that has been accepted into the upcoming exhibition and book project, St. Louis at 250, the Sheldon Art Galleries/St. Louis Beacon citywide photo contest!”

I am deeply honored and excited as I have rarely submit my photography to photo contests outside of strictly web-based contests such as those at, however it is something I plan on changing in the future. I am also humbled that one of my photographs would make the cut for a contest such as this for the city that I love. And with my lifetime of moving around the U.S., it is St.Louis that has always been the closest in my heart to having a “home town.”

Sheldon-Gallery-sm“Moon Over St.Louis” was on display in the Sheldon Art Gallery in St.Louis, Missouri from August 2014 through September 2014.

Sheldon-Gallery-smI am also happy to say that “Moon Over St.Louis” was chosen to be featured in a book of St.Louis photographs titled “The City @ 250” from the art show published by the Sheldon Art Gallery. Here is a video describing more about the book.

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