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Shooting Life in Motion

Quite alot has happened since my last blog entry here. There have been job changes and a major move back into St.Louis, Missouri. However, what has remained constant has been my work and love of shooting and capturing the moments and places in life where I find beauty. Among those changes was accepting a position at Concordia Seminary in St.Louis as a Web Developer and Photographer. This has granted me a wonderful opportunity to see everyday the very place that inspired my love of architecture in high school, which is where I first picked up a camera. What many of […]

“Moon Over St.Louis” at the Sheldon Art Galleries

On April 2nd I received an email from the Director of the Sheldon Art Galleries in St.Louis, MO.: “It is with great pleasure that I inform you that your entry, “Moon Over St.Louis,” is one of the 100 images that has been accepted into the upcoming exhibition and book project, St. Louis at 250, the Sheldon Art Galleries/St. Louis Beacon citywide photo contest!” I am deeply honored and excited as I have rarely submit my photography to photo contests outside of strictly web-based contests such as those at, however it is something I plan on changing in the future. […]