19 Nov

Washington, Missouri Art Walk 2023

I would like to thank Oak and Front Wine Bar ( for allowing me to participate in the Washington, Missouri Art Walk this last week-end at their location. I would also like to thank JoAnn at Room for Art Gallery (…/Room-For…/100065080325235/) for all her help in organizing the event and getting me setup to display my work. It was greatly appreciated.
You can continue to view my artwork in the gallery/meeting room upstairs at Oak & Front Wine Bar, so stop by for some wine or whiskey and pair that with a great view.
Art Walk display in cellar coffeehouse
Artwork display in upstairs gallery/meeting room at Oak & Front Wine Bar
30 Oct

See My Photography at the Washington, MO Art Walk

After taking a four year break from showing my photographic artwork, I will now have my work featured in the Mid-Missouri Fine Art Society Art Walk happening Friday, Nov. 17th and Saturday Nov. 18th in Washington, Missouri. Many other wonderful local artists will also be participating in this event. You can find my photograph at Oak & Front Wine Bar & Tasting Room at 120 W. Front St. in beautiful downtown Washington, Missouri.

From the flyer:

Benefiting ECC Art Scholarships
Friday Nov 17th – 5p – 8p
Saturday Nov 18th – 10a-3p

– Lindsey Pautler – Acrylic & Chalk
– Mark Polege – Fine Art Photography

DEPOT GALLERY – 301 West Front Street
– Mid-Missouri Fine Arts Society, Membership showing of “Small Works”

THE ALLEY – 7 West Main Street
– Scarlett Polk – unique, artsy, colorful & vibrant
– Harper Welker – handmade clay magnets & earrings. Stickers, belt bags & prints

ROOM FOR ART GALLERY – 124 West Main Street
– Ray Mueller – Oil & Acrylic Painting
– Susan Heitman – Batik Watercolor, Pastel & Ink Drawings
– Jim Peters – Watercolor
– Donna Meinershagen – Painting on Turkey Feathers & Rocks
– James Bolte – Pyrography (wood burning on watercolor paper)

WANDERLUST MARKET – 216 West Main Street
– David Peterson – Landscape Photography

IB NUTS – 200 Elm Street
– Our Lady of Lourdes Student Art

VINTAGE TRADER – 204 Elm Street (Saturday Only)
– Jerri Sites – Jewelry from repurposed heirloom & antique pieces

FOUR SEASONS FLORIST – 211 Elm Street (Saturday Only)
– Cindy Frick – Pottery

Student & Member Art

ARTSY ALLEY – Stroll or Drive Thru the Alley between Washington Ave & Fulton Street (Across from the American Legion)
– Deaneal McAfoos – Hand Painted Alley Doors & Garden Sheds
– Santa & Mrs. Claus – Come visit!

Look for Yellow Balloons Outside Locations Hosting an Artist

27 Feb

“Award of Excellence” by the Associated Church Press

I just recently discovered that one of my photographs that I captured during my time at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis was entered in the “Best of Church Press” Awards for 2016. Back in April of 2016 the winners were announced and I received the honor of Award of Excellence in the category of “PHOTOGRAPHY: Photo Spread w/Article or Cutline: Magazine/Journal” for one of my photographs that appeared in the Summer 2015 issue of Concordia Seminary Magazine Summer 2015 edition, accompanied with Michelle Meier, designer and Jayna Rollings, art director.

The caption on the photos says:

“First Look…
As people gather on Chapel Plaza for a reception to celebrate the pastoral Call Services, April 29, 2015, a plane lights up a trail behind the cross atop the Chapel of St. Timothy and St. Titus. This photo captures the end of an exciting day that included two services celebrating students who were sent out into ministry to lead with the Gospel.”

From the Associated Church Press website:

“Best of the Church Press” Awards 2016
Each year, the Associated Church Press honors faith communicators’ best work with the “Best of the Church Press” awards. New and established newspapers, newsletters, magazines, journals, news services, E-zines, bloggers and websites earn kudos, as do the many excellent entries in social media and video.

This year’s winners were announced at the annual Awards Banquet at the April 2016 convention in St. Louis.

I have had the honor and privilege to be published in the Edwardsville Intelligencer newspaper on several occasions for my photojournalism work. However, to receive an “Award of Excellence” from such a prestigious and long standing professional organization as the Associated Church Press is truly a high honor I greatly appreciate.

08 Mar

Four New Images Added to Shop in Prep for GFA Opening

In preparation for my upcoming gallery opening this Friday, I added (4) new images to my online store. Check them out and let me know which is your favorite!

"The Divide"
“The Divide”

“The Divide” –
“The Thicket” –
“The Passage” –
“Grand Center” –

Also don’t forget to come by the Governor French Academy in Belleville from 6 to 8 pm and see some of my recent work, along with select pieces from my North Dakota days. For more details, see here:


02 Mar

Full Color Circle

In 2006 after 8 years of building my photographic portfolio by logging countless miles in the back country of southeastern North Dakota…and then returning to St.Louis, I presented much of my black & white work in my first gallery show at Governor French Academy in Belleville, Il. I am so happy to say that, now 10 years later, I will be presenting some of my photographic color work back in Belleville where it all began.

That’s right! On March 7th my photographic work will again be on display at the gallery at Governor French Academy. The Opening Night will be held on March 11th from 6-8pm. This will also be my very first solo show! On display will be some of my most popular black & white prints as captured in the back country of North Dakota. Along with those pieces will be some of my recent full color work produced on high gloss metal prints.

"Fire Storm"
“Fire Storm”
From the first time I produced “City Stream” on a metal print and saw how that low light photographic glowed with the city lights, I cannot think of any better way to share my love of low light work. In fact, just a few days ago I received my 30″ x 20″ print of “Fire Storm” and can’t wait to share this one with you all.

Over those 10 years I have presented my black & whites in galleries & coffeehouses on both sides of the river, worked for the Edwardsville Intelligencer newspaper as a staff photographer, continued to capture our local world in black & white as well as beautiful color, but what I am most proud of was being chosen among the Sheldon Art Galleries’ TOP 100 for their “St.Louis @ 250” art show in 2014 with my panoramic photo “Moon Over St.Louis.”

"Moon Over St.Louis" as on display at the Sheldon Art Galleries - 2014.
“Moon Over St.Louis” as on display at the Sheldon Art Galleries – 2014.

Other than the Sheldon, I have not taken the time to present my work in galleries since 2008, though I have been happy to have my work seen in Straight Up Magazine, the Edwardsville Intelligencer, and of the Daniel Boone Haunted Tour, to name a few. This is why I am very happy to turn my focus back to sharing my work again through galleries.

Also, be sure to check out the work I have available on Saatchi Art and Amazon!

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21 Nov

Shooting Life in Motion

Quite alot has happened since my last blog entry here. There have been job changes and a major move back into St.Louis, Missouri. However, what has remained constant has been my work and love of shooting and capturing the moments and places in life where I find beauty.

Among those changes was accepting a position at Concordia Seminary in St.Louis as a Web Developer and Photographer. This has granted me a wonderful opportunity to see everyday the very place that inspired my love of architecture in high school, which is where I first picked up a camera. What many of you may not know is that my family lived just a block from the campus in the 1980’s when my father attended the school to become a Lutheran pastor, so working at my father’s alma mater and at a place where I did alot of growing up has been a real blessing. Over the years I have returned to this place again and again, if only to walk on its campus or gaze at the Luther Tower. This was a place I always found so beautiful, especially at night and so having the chance to see it everyday, and to study it, has given me the opportunity to capture such images as found in my Concordia Seminary portfolio.

Chapel of St. Timothy & St. Titus on Call Day when student receive the assignment as a pastor of their first church.
Chapel of St. Timothy & St. Titus on Call Day when student receive the assignment as a pastor of thier first church.

"City Stream"
“City Stream”
With my recent relocation back into St.Louis, I have also gone after more low light or night time subjects. Cities have always fascinated me with its variety of colored lights from signs and traffic piercing through the darkness. Capturing that either still or in motion to me was always a way in which ‘life paints with light.’

It is that fascination that lead me to capture two images I am quite proud, “City Stream” & “Moon Over St.Louis,” which were featured in the Sheldon Art Gallery, here in St.Louis for the city’s anniversary art show “St.Louis at 250.”.

"The Divide"
“The Divide”

In an effort for more visibility for my work, I am happy to announce that my photographic artwork is now featured on both Saatchi Art and There you will find select autographed artwork along with unsigned unmounted prints ready for your framing options. The response has been wonderful so far and I look forward to offering more of my recent work in the future.

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15 Oct

New Website, New Work, and New Prints Starting at $20!

After the success of having the “Moon Over St.Louis” in St.Louis’ prestigious Sheldon Art Gallery from August thru September, I have redesigned my website to gear up for 2015. I have also released some recent and long overdue work in my online Shop. Also, all photographic prints in my online Shop will be available starting at $20 for a limited time. I invite you to check it out, be social, and tell me what ya think!

15 May

“Moon Over St.Louis” at the Sheldon Art Galleries

St.Louis 250th AnniversaryOn April 2nd I received an email from the Director of the Sheldon Art Galleries in St.Louis, MO.:

“It is with great pleasure that I inform you that your entry, “Moon Over St.Louis,” is one of the 100 images that has been accepted into the upcoming exhibition and book project, St. Louis at 250, the Sheldon Art Galleries/St. Louis Beacon citywide photo contest!”

I am deeply honored and excited as I have rarely submit my photography to photo contests outside of strictly web-based contests such as those at, however it is something I plan on changing in the future. I am also humbled that one of my photographs would make the cut for a contest such as this for the city that I love. And with my lifetime of moving around the U.S., it is St.Louis that has always been the closest in my heart to having a “home town.”

For more information on “Moon Over St.Louis,” see here.

24 Feb

Check My New Shop & 20% Off!

It is now official, I have opened my online gallery Shop after deciding it was long over due last December. In some ways this has been a project that began a few months ago, but more so it has been a goal set in motion 16 years ago when I first began photographing the places I discovered in North Dakota.

I wanted to celebrate my birthday in 2014 by opening my new Gallery Shop on that day, and by selecting and offering 24 of my most popular photographs I have captured and collected over the past 16 years.

Since before my time working at the Edwardsville Intelligencer as a photographer, I have always believed that every photo has a story behind it. I invite you to check-out my new Shop and learn about some of those stories I have had the privilege to capture.

As things progress I will continue to add new pieces to the Shop, offer discounts, and announce exhibits as I begin publicly displaying my work again. The best way to keep up on all of this is to Subscribe to my Newsletter.

I’d also like to announce that to help celebrate this opening of my new Shop I am also offering a 20% DISCOUNT on all purchases between FEB. 24th thru MARCH 7TH when you use the coupon code “PHOTO24“.

I would also love to hear from you on which photos you like the best or which ones you think should be added the Shop. As always, comments are always appreciated!

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