"Arches" is one of my earliest photographs taken shortly after relocating to North Dakota. This photo is of the Hopperstad Stave Church at the Hjemkost Center in Moorhead, Minnesota across the river from Fargo. It is a replica of the old church in Norway built shortly before 1200 A.D. [...]

Stone Mirror Manor

After hearing of this abandoned stone house from an old man as "being across the lake from his favorite out-of-the-way fishing hole," I found this house literally where the 'roads have no names.' This house stands in south central North Dakota which I reached by highway for most it. [...]

Dark Alley

This ominous and almost claustrophobic photograph of an alley in Midtown St.Louis made for a very distinctive image. Its hard vertical lines and brick texture I believe captivate the emotional weight of being cornered down a "Dark Alley." The gradual changing shadows in the old frosted glass windows subtly [...]

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