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08 Mar

Four New Images Added to Shop in Prep for GFA Opening

In preparation for my upcoming gallery opening this Friday, I added (4) new images to my online store. Check them out and let me know which is your favorite!

"The Divide"
“The Divide”

“The Divide” –
“The Thicket” –
“The Passage” –
“Grand Center” –

Also don’t forget to come by the Governor French Academy in Belleville from 6 to 8 pm and see some of my recent work, along with select pieces from my North Dakota days. For more details, see here:


21 Nov

Shooting Life in Motion

Quite alot has happened since my last blog entry here. There have been job changes and a major move back into St.Louis, Missouri. However, what has remained constant has been my work and love of shooting and capturing the moments and places in life where I find beauty.

Among those changes was accepting a position at Concordia Seminary in St.Louis as a Web Developer and Photographer. This has granted me a wonderful opportunity to see everyday the very place that inspired my love of architecture in high school, which is where I first picked up a camera. What many of you may not know is that my family lived just a block from the campus in the 1980’s when my father attended the school to become a Lutheran pastor, so working at my father’s alma mater and at a place where I did alot of growing up has been a real blessing. Over the years I have returned to this place again and again, if only to walk on its campus or gaze at the Luther Tower. This was a place I always found so beautiful, especially at night and so having the chance to see it everyday, and to study it, has given me the opportunity to capture such images as found in my Concordia Seminary portfolio.

Chapel of St. Timothy & St. Titus on Call Day when student receive the assignment as a pastor of their first church.
Chapel of St. Timothy & St. Titus on Call Day when student receive the assignment as a pastor of thier first church.

"City Stream"
“City Stream”
With my recent relocation back into St.Louis, I have also gone after more low light or night time subjects. Cities have always fascinated me with its variety of colored lights from signs and traffic piercing through the darkness. Capturing that either still or in motion to me was always a way in which ‘life paints with light.’

It is that fascination that lead me to capture two images I am quite proud, “City Stream” & “Moon Over St.Louis,” which were featured in the Sheldon Art Gallery, here in St.Louis for the city’s anniversary art show “St.Louis at 250.”.

"The Divide"
“The Divide”

In an effort for more visibility for my work, I am happy to announce that my photographic artwork is now featured on both Saatchi Art and There you will find select autographed artwork along with unsigned unmounted prints ready for your framing options. The response has been wonderful so far and I look forward to offering more of my recent work in the future.

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15 Oct

New Website, New Work, and New Prints Starting at $20!

After the success of having the “Moon Over St.Louis” in St.Louis’ prestigious Sheldon Art Gallery from August thru September, I have redesigned my website to gear up for 2015. I have also released some recent and long overdue work in my online Shop. Also, all photographic prints in my online Shop will be available starting at $20 for a limited time. I invite you to check it out, be social, and tell me what ya think!

24 Feb

Check My New Shop & 20% Off!

It is now official, I have opened my online gallery Shop after deciding it was long over due last December. In some ways this has been a project that began a few months ago, but more so it has been a goal set in motion 16 years ago when I first began photographing the places I discovered in North Dakota.

I wanted to celebrate my birthday in 2014 by opening my new Gallery Shop on that day, and by selecting and offering 24 of my most popular photographs I have captured and collected over the past 16 years.

Since before my time working at the Edwardsville Intelligencer as a photographer, I have always believed that every photo has a story behind it. I invite you to check-out my new Shop and learn about some of those stories I have had the privilege to capture.

As things progress I will continue to add new pieces to the Shop, offer discounts, and announce exhibits as I begin publicly displaying my work again. The best way to keep up on all of this is to Subscribe to my Newsletter.

I’d also like to announce that to help celebrate this opening of my new Shop I am also offering a 20% DISCOUNT on all purchases between FEB. 24th thru MARCH 7TH when you use the coupon code “PHOTO24“.

I would also love to hear from you on which photos you like the best or which ones you think should be added the Shop. As always, comments are always appreciated!

06 Jan

Ringing in 2014 With New Plans & New e-Store!

Though the last quarter of 2013 has brought about a change in my employment, from the Edwardsville Intelligencer newspaper to the downtown St.Louis ad agency of Response Targeted Marketing as a web designer, my very active effort to build my photographic portfolio has only increased.

I have recently begun a large photographic project on St.Louis architecture, which I will announce in greater detail some time in the future. However, some recent work you may have seen is my piece called “City Stream” which was featured on the cover of Straight-Up Magazine’s December 2013 issue, along with a write-up about me and my photographic work.


Another image that was recently captured was my 6-image panoramic piece of downtown St.Louis entitled, “Moon Over St.Louis.” This, arguably, may be my best work (so far). I thought about attempting this photographic capture since the first time I saw the view from the Blanke Building. All I can say is that this piece came out so much more captivating than I ever could have imagined, and the response has been overwhelming, for which I greatly appreciate.

Moon Over St.Louis

Part of the purpose of this post is to announce my active plans to launch a new e-Store for select pieces of my photographic artwork. This website will become the exclusive location online to purchase my framed or unframed artwork sometime within the next couple of months. I will be drawing to a close the other online locations offering my work in order to offer, directly, a higher quality product that represents my artistic creations more accurately. This e-store will also be offering the 2 pieces mentioned earlier in this post, “City Stream” & “Moon Over St.Louis.” Low-light photography is some of my favorite and most challenging subjects, and I want to bring it to all of you in the most magnificent form I can.

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